12 hours Gigot (leg of lamb) with Monbazillac wine & gardening herbs

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12 hours Gigot (leg of lamb) with Monbazillac wine & gardening herbs

Incredibly tender, delicious and wonderfully smelling gigot/leg of lamb, a true and zesty pleasure for our band.




serves 8


Evening before :
1 nicely sized, lean 2,5 kg leg of lamb
Have the bone removed to fit leg of lamb into a cast iron pot (casserole dish).
8 large cloves of garlic Peel garlic cloves, remove seed.
Using a sharp, pointy knife make small incisions to meat and insert garlic cloves.
3 fresh, washed Thyme twigs At the bone sections separate meat from bone and place Thyme.
2 fresh, washed Rosemary twigs
salt, freshly ground (pepper mill) mixed pepper
30 ml olive oil
Using a freezer bag insert leg of lamb together with 2 twigs of Rosemary, salt, ground pepper and olive oil, close and mix ingredients.
preparation time / 30 minutes
allow to sit for 1 night in fridge
Put into fridge overnight.
The next day:
shot of olive oil
Using a pan and olive oil roast leg of lamb from all sides.
When nicely roasted place leg of lamb together with Rosemary twigs into casserole dish.
30 cloves of garlic Peel garlic cloves, remove seeds and place around meat.
4 Thyme twigs Wash Thyme, put into enclosed mesh and place next to meat.
50 cl Monbazillac wine Heat the wine for 5 min to evaporate alcohol, then pour into casserole dish.
salt, freshly ground (pepper mill) mixed pepper Sprinkle with salt and pepper. Set aside.
Dough to seal cover:
300 g flour
50 ml luke warm water
1 small egg
1 pinch of salt
Prepare dough to seal cover.
Mix flour, salt, and egg, using your hands knead into homogeneous dough.
Then forge a roll fitting the circumference of casserole.
Place on edge and put cover on top to seal casserole.
Preheat oven to 120°C.
preparation time / 30 min
120°C / 10 hrs
Upon reaching temperature place casserole (cast iron pot) into oven.
150°C / 2 hrs After 10 hrs raise temperature to 150 °C.
After 2 hrs take out of oven and remove cover
Serve and arrange gigot with garlic cloves on a platter, remove mesh with Thyme. Cover with aluminum foil.
If necessary reduce sauce, filter and pour over meat.
Serve leg of lamb together with Thyme, Laurel Potatoes and candied cherry-tomatoes.


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