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always keep a song in your heart, it´s like karaoke for the voices in your head

about us …

Our story began in the spring when a huge, thick, black cloud grounded air travel around the world while the capricious Icelandic volcano erupted with all it’s might into the sky.

featured musician: KJ Denhert

Though our connection began long before we’d ever met, I first saw Ralf and Liên at the 55 Bar in the Spring of 2008. Everybody in my band seemed to know them. There was quite a commotion when our first set ended.

Aus unserem Tonstudio

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Bouillon de Notes Band performing live on stage !

Bouillon de Notes Band live in Colmar, Elsass, performing for ‘la fête de la...

Bouillon de Notes Band live in Colmar, France, 21st of June!

Bouillon de Notes Band live in Colmar, France, 21st of June!

Millefeuille of crepes with candied orange and Grand Marnier sauce

Millefeuille of crepes with candied orange and Grand Marnier sauce - a dessert to succumb to.

Joyous King (King of joy) stuffed williams pear with almond creme in a flaky pastry pie

Kids love this Joyous King Cake the whole year long and it is a lot of fun for the whole family!

Bouillon de Notes looking back …

Bouillon de Notes is looking back ...

Irresistible Chocolate Christmas Roll with Raspberry flavor

This Christmas Roll is a french tradition. It comes in all different kinds of flavors and variations. The one with chocolate and its irresistible raspberry flavor is the most favorite among kids.

Young Squid with Tomatoes and Fennel Seeds

A dish from the south of France which extols summer.

together with … Richard Bona

Richard Bona ... one outstanding musician !

Ambercup or Baby Bear Squash Surprise and Sauteed Chanterelles

A convivial and surprising dish during fall.

Acacia Honey Caramelized Duck Breast with roasted Mission Figs

Potatoes cooked with lemon thyme will accompany the caramelized duck to perfection. A lovely way to finish the Summer or to welcome Autumn.

together with … Al Di Meola

... backstage @Blue Note NYC with Al ...

Monday Music Miam Contest

Something for Food Bloggers that like music!

A Saturday in Mulhouse …

A little walk through the historic center of Mulhouse on a sunny day in August ...

Wild Salmon Tartar with Wasabi Cream and Beetroot Chips

As an amuse-bouche or appetizer, this wild salmon tartar enhanced with wasabi cream and crispy beetroot chips is an explosion of tastes for the palate in summer.

A Weekend in Lausanne

Ralf, my husband has always good ideas and I love him for that - of course not only for this ... but he thought we need some time together. Surprise, Lausanne is waiting!

Creme Mascarpone on a tender Almond Biscuit with Strawberry Sauce and fresh Pepermint

Crème Mascarpone with a fresh Strawberry Salad, a Strawberry Sauce flavored with fresh Peppermint leaves on a bitter almond bisquit - served in different layers in a glass - you got the tast of summer on your palate!

Morello Cherry Jam

This is our favourite jam. It is a real breakfast treat and turn our toasts into sensations we can't easily forget.

Green Asparagus and Fennel Salad with White Truffle Oil

Green asparagus and fennel salad, wonderfully scented with white truffle oil - an elegant starter heralding the arrival of spring.

Rhubarb Cake With Soft & Crunchy Meringue On Shortcrust

The cake is so delicious, the dough remains crunchy, the meringue soft and crispy with the rhubarb neither sour nor too sweet - simply indescribable!

Bears garlic pesto

Served on a fresh bread, with pasta or on a fresh salad this pesto gives a delicious note to it.

Linguine on bears garlic

A plate of bears garlic - linguine is considered to be an invitation to spring. The bears garlic pesto alone will taste wonderfully on a freshly toasted piece of bread or on a tomato-mozarella salad.

Chinese Cabbage Salad with Fresh Mint and Lime, Granny Smith Apples and Caramelised Pork with Toasted Sesame Seeds

This cabbage salad makes a refreshing starter between winter and spring. The subtile acidity of the Granny Smith apples and lime lend a striking contrast to the caramelised pork.

Strawberry Mascarpone Ice Cream on Vanilla Panna Cotta with Jellied Rhubarb, Strawberry Salad and Meringue

This dessert is an explosion of flavors and aromas - a fresh and fruity surprise for your palate.

Destiny by KJ Denhert

My new EP ‘Destiny’ needs an official release date and I'm working on that. Until then you can listen to the title song ‘Destiny’ already – exclusively here on Bouillon De Notes!

12 hours Gigot (leg of lamb) with Monbazillac wine & gardening herbs

Incredibly tender, delicious and wonderfully smelling gigot/leg of lamb, a true and zesty pleasure for our band.

Heart Shaped Madeleines with Jam

The heart shaped madeleines are the perfect little surprise on a Valentine's Day.

Swiss Leckerli

Swiss Leckerli are always welcome especially around this time of the year - it's Swiss Carnival!

A Day in Hamburg …

So here it is, a shared moment, a fantastic day. À très bientôt, autour d’une table !

New Potatoes with fresh Thyme, Bay Leaf and fresh Garlic

These herb infused potatoes may be served with a vitello tonnato or our Chicken Teriyaki - or simply with a fresh salad.

Chicken Teriyaki with fresh Ginger and Garlic

This dish may be served with potatoes seasoned with thyme, bay leaf and roasted garlic. Or served simply with basmati rice.


These brunsli cookies are my favourite! Chocolate and chewy with just a hint of cinnamon and cloves – what a delight.

Coconut Macaroons and Lemon Zest

These lemon zest macaroons are easy to prepare and always appreciated during the Christmas season.

Vanilla Crescent Christmas Cookies

This vanilla crescent cookie just melts in your mouth and is my favourite Christmas cookie.

Hazelnut and Vanilla Drop Cookies

These bite sized delights are a must during the Christmas season.

Caramel Salted Butter Tartlets with Chocolate Ganache

These Caramel Salted Butter Tartlets with Chocolate Ganache and this nutty flavor are a feast of gourmandise.

Rosemary and Thyme Bread with a salty crust of Fleur de Sel

Enjoy this bread together with our black or green Olive Taponade or with the Cream of Chickpea and Coriander … simply fantastic!

Fig Leaf Ice Cream and Roasted Figs with Almond Filo Pastry Rolls and Rosemary Honey

A delicate and sweet dessert to start the new season.

Green Olive Tapenade

Given a choice between the green or black olive tapenade the BdN-Crew much prefers the green olive one.

Black Olive Tapenade

Black Olive Taponade - a flavor of the South of France.

Cream of Chickpea and Coriander

This paté/spread is delicious on herb seasoned breads, as an appetizer, or as a snack, and will delight everyone.

Chocolate Cake with Fresh Raspberries

This light and airy chocolate cake is so incredibly tasty with a fruity note of fresh raspberries - enjoyment for your palate.

Cream of Cucumber with fresh mint and coriander served with roasted potato galettes

A wonderfully fresh summer hors d’oeuvres.

Poached Chicken and Garden Fresh Green Bean Salad

A fresh and tasty salad for the hot days of the year. Garden fresh green beans, marinated chicken breast with finely diced ginger and lemon juice - served cold - yummie!

Refreshing Strawberry Juice with Fresh Spearmint

A cold beverage for the summer - refreshing and tasty - with a light sweet note by the Acacia honey.

Edamame, Fennel and Avocado Salad with a Green Dressing

A salad with fresh herbs of the summer, as a starter or entrée. Served cold together with our olive bread it is a refreshing meal on a hot summer day.

Tender Mini cakes flavored with Bitter Almond and Fresh Apricots

Tender minicakes flavored with bitter almond in contrast to the juicy-fruty taste of the apricots. An adventure for every palate.

An evening in our studio …

The Bouillon de Notes Crew. This evening, the Bouillon de Notes crew is getting together...

KJ Denhert Help

New single from Kj's album "Album No. 9", Directed by Linton Suttner, Recorded & Mixed by Hal Winer at Bicoastal Music, Available at all live shows, Itunes Release date: 11/09/10

KJ Denhert Beautiful

"An Evening with KJ Denhert" May 7, 2011- The trio of KJ, Nikki Denner- keys and Jennifer Vincent-bass, perform Beautiful (music by KJ Dernhert) at The Music Conservatory of Westchester.

Cold Cream of Peas with Mint, Fried Fresh Mediterranean Prawns with Cream of Gorgonzola and Crispy Tortilla Chips

A fresh creamy soup for the summer. The fresh mint in contrast to the Gorgonzola - the crispy Tortilla Chip in contrast to the Creme completed by a fried fresh prawn. A light Entree, simple to prepare.