Linguine on bears garlic

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Linguine on bears garlic

A plate of bears garlic – linguine is considered to be an invitation to spring. The bears garlic pesto alone will taste wonderfully on a freshly toasted piece of bread or on a tomato-mozarella salad.



Serves 4


Bears garlic pesto :
1 bouquet fresh bears garlic
Thouroughly wash leafs of bears garlic, dry with cloth and remove stems.
125ml olive oil Using a hand blender coarsely grind leaves together with oil.
ground mix of peppers
3 tsp pimento (Piment d’Espelette)
Mix with salt, ground peppers and pimento to your taste. Set aside.
Time to prepare /10 min
Shavings of parmesan:
150gr of hard Parmesan
Using a kitchen knife cut parmesan shavings.
400 gr Linguine N°1
1 tbs salt
Using a big pot bring water with salt to a boil.
Medium heat / time to cook / 5-7min Add linguine to boiling water and cook till “al dente”.
1 splashe of olive oil Strain and mix with 1 splashe of olive oil.
Mix linguine and bears garlic pesto.
pepper mix (ground)
Taste again and add salt or pepper to your taste.
Arrange bears garlic pesto – linguine on plates, add parmesan shavings and serve promptly.



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