Madeleines with Orange Flower Water from my Grandfather

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Madeleines with Orange Flower Water from my Grandfather

It is the smell of the Madeleins with Orange Flower Water that reminds me of my childhood.






18 pieces

3 eggs
½ Cup of sugar
Whisk the eggs and the sugar with a mixer (with whisk attachment preferably) until foamy.
½  Cup flour Add the flour slowly while stirring continously.
4 1/2 tbs of melted butter
3 tsp orange flower water
Add the melted butter and the orange flower water.
1 ½ Tbs butter to grease the madeleines pans Grease the muffin pans well, and fill each mold about ¾ full with the mixture.
1 hour resting Place muffin pans filled with the mixture in the refrigerator for about an hour.
Preheat the oven to  350°F.
Allow 15 min preparation time
350°F / 15 min
Place the madeleines in the pre-heated oven, for about 15 min, until the edges are golden.
Remove the madeleines from the oven, place them on a rack to cool.

Orange flower water, or orange blossom water, is a clear, perfumed distillation of fresh bitter-orange blossoms. Common in French and Morrocan cooking, it is now available by US manufactures and likely to be found on-line and at gourmet retailers.
The madeleines can be flavored with other aromatic ingredients besides the orange flower water, like the zest of a fresh lemon, or three teaspoons of white rum.


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  1. How beautiful! Love the journal too… I wish I had a few of these w/a cup of coffee.

    • Dear Sarah, so sorry to answer you only now … we had a little trouble with our program (3 languages … and unfortunately we didn’t get a notice…. )
      Thank you so much for your comment. whenever you have any questions, don’t hesitate to write! Hopefully we can answer you earlier in the future :)

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